bravo for a
smarter government

bravo is designed to adapt smart solutions for every on-field service in the public sector transforming it into the digital world.

smart solutions for a smart government
an icon showing a calendar for scheduled tasks

Scheduled Audits

bravo is provided with a comprehensive set of risk and compliance (GRC) solution that are dedicated for scheduled field audits.

a green icon showing inspection form

Quality Inspections

bravo delivers the ideal solution for a quality, real-time inspections, thanks to our out of the box builders, ready-made templates and extensive set of controls.

a calendar icon for emergency scheduling

Emergency Scheduling

bravo provides the perfect tools to schedule and manage emergency calls. Using citizen voice mobile app, call center agents module and direct emergency reporting page are all methods to call for visits, follow up with the cases and record the outcomes.

a green icon showing bravo is cost efficient

Drive Operational Efficiency

bravo opens up a new world of efficiency; driving field management business forward while the daily tasks are always under the pressure of meeting the ever-increasing expectations while still delivering efficient service margins.

an icon representing field service process automation

Quick And Easy Integration

bravo enables you to consolidate multiple systems into a single field service portal, reduce paper-based processes, decrease service times, and enhance the technician's job satisfaction.

a green vehicle

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

bravo provides a comprehensive fleet management module to be able to monitor and track your fleet movement as well as automatically assigning the right vehicle for each job.

Join us in a unique experience tailored to specifically meet your business needs.