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In healthcare, quality, accuracy and completeness are what every healthcare provider and patient rely on.
Your main objective should be speed of delivery, availability and maintenance of medical equipment and supplies as well as handling any emergency calls.

two doctors in the healthcare industry holding a tablet
an icon showing a calendar for scheduled tasks

Scheduled Checkups

bravo provides a comprehensive set of task dispatchers with real-time notifications, supporting scheduled task distributions.

Home Visits

bravo provides the perfect tools to schedule and manage home visits. Using our mobile modules to call for visits, follow up with the case and record the outcomes.

a green icon showing inspection form

Quality Audits

bravo helps you tailor your audits and inspection to specifically meet your business unique needs.

a calendar icon for emergency scheduling

Emergency Scheduling

bravo's emergency management module perfectly acts to saves lives in case of any emergencies. We provide emergency handling module to be able to distribute emergency calls based on location and criticality.

Fleet Management

bravo provides a comprehensive fleet management module to be able to monitor and track your fleet movement as well as automatically assigning the right vehicle for each job.

Reports & KPIs Dashboards

You need critical data to make quick decisions, with bravo you can turn your data into actionable insights. With our customizable reports and dashboards, you will be able to access up-to-the-minute views of all important KPIs, statuses and audit results.

Join us in a unique experience tailored to specifically meet your business needs.