Bravo for Retail

bravo gives your retail business a competitive edge and provides customers with a unique shopping experience. Through bravo you can get real time data, automate complex activities, and facilitate communication and exchange of information.

Planning & Scheduling

Bravo allows for a smooth and efficient operations, optimizes the process of matching technicians to their work order and assigning tasks to on-field agents based on their availability, skills, and location.

Reporting & Analytics

Processing data and properly reporting it is important in making informed decisions. Bravo provides advanced reporting and analytics which can have a great impact on your business and can lead to overall success.

Work order management

Through bravo technicians can easily document their work of a particular job order on the system and can be easily accessed by supervisors. This feature is crucial as it prioritizes work, processes are more organized, and performance can be easily monitored.

Team Collaboration

Bravo allows supervisors to send important announcements to their teams such as new regulations and important meetings where users can upload images, videos, and any types of media.

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