Field Service Management for Construction Companies

Managing a construction site and field technicians can be challenging, overwhelming, and time consuming. Since project managers already have a lot on their plates from planning the project resources to budgeting and monitoring progress, ensuring that on-field agents are allocated to the right project and right tasks should be the least of their worries. That […]


Field Service Software Takes The Retail Industry to a Whole New Level

Importance of having a field service management system in the retail industry: In order to sustain a retail business, customer satisfaction plays an important role as customers demand a unique shopping experience. Having a field service management software gives you a competitive edge and is an added value for your business. With the right field […]

What Is Field Service Management And How To Choose The Right One?

What is Field Service Management and how to choose the right one? Providing a field service means spending your time juggling critical tickets, daily tasks, upset customers with strict SLAs, and dynamic service routes. And here is where a Field Service Management software comes creating one unified solution that helps schedule and track field Operations. According to Gartner; […]


How Bravo Saves Lives

How Bravo Saves Lives ?   All around the world, fatal car accidents frequently occur due to several reasons . Some accidents can be easily avoided if people took driving safety more seriously and followed road safety rules. Car accidents can occur due to several reasons. The number one cause of car accidents is distracted […]


Business Intelligence Trends Of 2021

After the dramatic change the world witnessed during the COVID-19 lockdown; it is now more important than ever for companies to start thinking about how to use business intelligence for more efficient business moves. Intelligence systems combine different operational data with some analytical tools to provide complex information to management and decision-makers to be able […]


10 Ways Field Management System Can Improve Your Business

10 Ways Field Management Solutions Improves your Business Having employees work outside the company can be challenging and difficult to manage. Industries like healthcare, construction, and telecommunications and many others would require implementing a solution aiding them to transform their business and manage their resources efficiently.   First let’s start by explaining what field management […]