Field Audits
& Inspections

bravo helps your organization break away from inflexible inspection packaged solution into a unique experience, so together we tailor your checklists, optimize and automate your business processes in a way that exactly fits your organization’s needs.

two engineers holding a tablet doing field audits and inspections

Tailored For All Audits

Our inspection software provides your organization with flexible and tailored audits that suit your company's specific needs.

Quick, Easy Changes

bravo can easily make changes without requiring manual work or service downtime. Instead, changes will be smoothly implemented in hours supporting the evolution of your business.

Online / Offline Modes

bravo is designed for both online and offline modes to provide end-users with intuitive user experience guaranteeing availability, data consistency and transparency.

Easy Integration With Any System

bravo can easily connect to all your systems, keeping all relative data together in one place to be easily accessible at all times.

Job Dispatcher And Real Time Monitoring

bravo provides a comprehensive set of task dispatchers with real-time notifications, supporting both immediate and scheduled task distributions. To enhance accuracy; bravo also provides its users with a complete visibility of the location and online status of on-field agents.

Reports & KPIs Dashboards

You need critical data to make quick decisions, with bravo you can turn your data into actionable insights. With our customizable reports and dashboards you will be able to access up-to-the-minute views of all important KPIs, statuses and audit results.

Join us in a unique experience tailored to specifically meet your business needs.