Field Service Management for Construction Companies

Managing a construction site and field technicians can be challenging, overwhelming, and time consuming. Since project managers already have a lot on their plates from planning the project resources to budgeting and monitoring progress, ensuring that on-field agents are allocated to the right project and right tasks should be the least of their worries. That is why, it is crucial to invest in a reliable field service management software to help your company enhance customer satisfaction and ensure operational excellence and long-term business growth. According to Finances Online, the market of field service management is predicted to reach $5.9 billion by 2024. In addition, 52% of companies still use manual methods for most of their field service tasks. Implementing a field service management software will help construction companies ensure worker productivity and high equipment quality.

field service management

Project Managers Job Responsibilities:

Project managers have a lot of responsibilities some of these responsibilities include planning and defining the project’s goals and objectives as well as coordination and completion of projects on time and within budget. Project managers are also responsible for meeting deadlines, keeping the project on track, assigning tasks and responsibilities, and monitoring performance and tracking the progress of the project and identify areas of improvement. Another main responsibility is ensuring availability of resources and efficiently allocating them.

By investing in a field service management software, project managers’ jobs become easier as all the information and documents are stored in one place. Bravo provides project managers with dashboards, insights, and analytics about performance and project progress that helps them make informed decisions.

Having a field management software is important for construction sites as it it’s the pillar of communication and coordination between on-field technicians and project managers. FSM solutions reduces paperwork, which reduces errors and chances of miscommunication and eventually increases efficiency.

In this blog, we will mention some benefits of implementing a field management software for construction companies. Keep reading to find out why your construction company needs a reliable field service management software like bravo.

4 reasons your company should implement a field service management solution:

  • Receive real time updates

By implementing a field service management, you can easily get updates from the field about your technicians as well as easily tracking their work progress, their break times and so on. This improves the efficiency of the project.

  • Reduced paperwork

By working in a construction site, you keep logging a lot of data. Doing so manually is very time consuming and is prone to a lot of errors. Also, you can easily lose the documents which might lead to a lot of problems. That is why having a field service management software is crucial as all the data are stored and secured in a single database. This improves your analytics and decision-making process.

  • Smart Scheduling

Construction work is time sensitive, and it is important to keep the project on track and hitting deadlines on time. By implementing a field service management, project mangers can effectively plan the project and schedule the project. This is crucial in managing resource allocation in every phase of the construction process. Having a clear schedule is important in avoiding delays and cost overruns.

  • Greater access to data

Work order, project specs and many more important documents are stored in one secure database where technicians can easily access it using our field service management solution. More information about a job ensures technicians can make informed decisions about the equipment and tools they bring to a job site.

Construction companies use bravo to stay a head of their competition and to manage their team efficiently. Contact us today to benefit from all these advanced features.