BRAVO’s Contribution led Unaizah Municipality To Smash Their Goals

Unaizah Municipality’s main vision is to ensure the governorate and the villages and its affiliated centers are clean, as well as ensuring health and technical control over all restaurants, shops, buildings under construction and road projects affiliated with the municipality and following up on-field contractors.

Unaizah Municipality

The administrative work of the municipality lies in planning and supervising residential and commercial neighborhoods, obtaining technical and health licenses, studying and proposing projects that the municipality needs and following up on the implementation of what is approved.

The municipality faced a lot of challenges such as:

1-  Keeping track of on-field agents

Decision makers couldn’t accurately monitor or keep track of their on-field agents. They didn’t know their status and couldn’t monitor their performance.

2- Weak team coordination

Unaizah had a problem with team coordination as information could not be shared easily. In order for the project to be successful they needed a system to enhance team coordination and smoothly share their knowledge.

3- Manual reporting

Another challenge faced by Unaizah was the manual system of reporting which was prone to a lot of human errors and end up with inaccurate data entry and this used to put a lot of pressure on the employees to give correct output. Also, manual reporting was time consuming and very expensive.

4- Planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling projects was a struggle for Unaizah. They couldn’t accurately assume that the right resource person will be available exactly when needed. In addition, estimating the duration of tasks was also a challenge which resulted in underestimating the time needed and hence this affects the whole schedule.

BRAVO implemented a technological solution to solve these challenges facing Unaizah.

Some advanced features of bravo were

1. Planning missions and distributing agents

Bravo helps in allocating resources to many different tasks. It can help in creating and managing multiple jobs smoothly. A flawed scheduling system can result in extreme loss of revenue and chaos. A clear work schedule will minimize conflicts, establish better customer service and reduce wasted time.

2. Geo-location and real-time job updates

BRAVO enables device location based on geographical coordinates and measurements. While a guarantee of transparency and accuracy were essential, BRAVO provided a tool for real time auditors tracking. Auditors were given the ability to empower their updates with uploaded media files, and hence no place for human errors.

3. GPS navigation

One of the main benefits that bravo entails is having a GPS navigation system which allows for smarter route planning and helps identify the best and worst roads by using the location history map. Managers can optimize routes and easily identify busy roads and hence reduce time and effort and increase productivity and efficiency.

4. Accurate Reports and KPIs dashboard

With the all-in-one dashboards platform provided by BRAVO, decision makers can quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of their data. They get real time insights and competitive analyses and use them to identify items that require urgent action, streamlining workflows and properly purposing resources. Accurate reports are presented clearly which makes it easier and more organized for decision makers to take important decisions on the right time.

5. Integration with External system

Data Synchronization is needed, and hence a powerful API was provided giving full flexibility in the integration with any external system. bravo brings together component subsystems into one functional system and ensures that all components work together in proportion to enhance productivity and accurate data analysis. In addition, bravo automatically integrates systems and hence all critical information is quickly available, and this allows for faster decisions to be made.


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