Bravo’s Technological Solutions for KSA’s Ministry of Health

MOH Covid19 solution

By inspecting care, bravo is ensuring that the quality of healthcare services is meeting the excellence in standards required by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. Coping with the ministry vision that is always seeking to accomplish a promising future; where splendid approaches are identified and areas for improvement are addressed. We provided an integrated inspection system promoting quality improvements covering all healthcare entities including hospitals, pharmacies, and medical cities.

Starting from the very beginning where our domain experts together with lean’s team collaborated to develop a world-class inspection process, and then using bravo for the automation that resulted in a transformation the ministry witnessed in the domain of health care inspection.

Our solution was also evolved to break through with fully customized features in order to complete the whole vision, including healthcare entities self-evaluation application.

Hitting another milestone with the ministry; as a part of ensuring that COVID19 Preventive measurements were accurately applied all over the healthcare entities in Saudi Arabia , a technological solution customized by bravo was implemented in less than 1 month which provides auditors with a reliable tool to immediately detect, and record Safety Violations made by citizens at different healthcare entities. This solution made it easy for on-field agents to observe and ensure that COVID-19 safety measures were accurately taken.

With the help of BRAVO over 53,000 on field visits were made at more than 15,000 Healthcare Entity Inspected different healthcare facilities.

Bravo's technological solution for MOH KSA

Bravo provided:

Out of the box Mobile app

Healthcare inspectors were provided with bravo’s mobile app helping them to organize their daily tasks, navigate to the correct location, fill-in different checklists that cover different auditing aspects such as applying the right hygiene processes, inspect the entity license, staff auditing making sure everyone is properly following the safety procedures, and a lot more.

Also our mobile app provided the on-field team with many ways for collaboration, such as chatting with team members, and sharing announcements and important documents.

Dispatching & monitoring tools

Bravo provides a set of dispatching tools handling different jobs’ nature. Covering scheduled tasks and incident reporting while setting targets and monitoring the progress is totally smooth guaranteeing that all jobs are done on the planned time.

Our monitoring tools allows top management and decision makers to do the right action over the right time. Supervisors better keep track of, manage and update assigned jobs, increasing oversight and diminishing the risk of losing or confusing information.

Geo-location and real job updates

BRAVO enables device location based on geographical coordinates and measurements. While a guarantee of transparency and accuracy were essential, BRAVO provided a tool for real time auditors tracking. Auditors were given the ability to empower their updates with uploaded media files, and hence no place for human errors.

Accurate Reports & KPIs dashboard

With the all-in-one dashboards platform provided by BRAVO, decision makers can quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of their data. They get real time insights and competitive analyses and use them to identify items that require urgent action, streamlining workflows and properly purposing resources. Accurate reports are presented clearly which makes it easier and more organized for decision makers to take important decisions on the right time.

Integration with External systems

Data Synchronization is needed, and hence a powerful API was provided giving full flexibility in the integration with any external system. bravo brings together component sub-systems into one functional system and ensures that all components work together in proportion to enhance productivity and accurate data analysis. In addition, bravo automatically integrates systems and hence all critical information is quickly available, and this allows for faster decisions to be made.