Our Huge Milestone with MIM with More Than 15,000 Inspection Visits

At the ministry of industry and mineral resources, digital transformation is one of the strategic pillars of the government. They adopt digital technology to improve efficiency, value and innovation. However, field service technicians used to struggle as most of their time was wasted on paperwork and administrative tasks. Thanks to BRAVO; the ministry is experiencing a significant transformation towards paperless inspection, field scanning and violations detection. By implementing our integrated field management solution, paperwork and administrative tasks are now completed quickly and efficiently. In addition, on-field agents wouldn’t need to fill out paperwork orders, but instead they can utilize our mobile field service app to input all their information, including any work order data, and inspection checklists, all from one device.


Let’s see how bravo helped MIM towards their 2030 vision:

BRAVO provided a fully automated, optimized system where it can process millions of data and make thousands of real time decisions that would be impossible for a traditional software or human to make.

Bravo aided MIM in more than 15,000 inspection visits in more than 2000 mining licenses with 200 smart device installations.

Business Process Optimization

BRAVO’s domain experts in field inspection, business process optimization and automation took the initiative to fully understand the ministry needs, create the process, required inspection forms of different inspection and auditing types and then digitalize everything into an integrated solution.

Planning and Dispatching Tools

BRAVO helped building the organizational structure of MIM teams and mining licenses. BRAVO’s unique smart scheduling program allows supervisors to assign tasks to technicians based on their availability, skills and territory. And hence, dispatching has never been easier and efficient.

On-Field Smart app

Our mobile app provides rich features that enables technicians to do their job anytime, anywhere. BRAVO allows on-field agents to receive day to day scheduled jobs as well as navigating them through with our integrated GPS. They can also capture live photos, take electronic signature, fill checklists either online or offline.

Another great feature provided by bravo is its self-initiated task where the inspector can create a new task and detect any violations.

Geo-location & Offline Maps

bravo for mining inspection

Ensuring that each inspector is accurately doing his job, BRAVO provided a navigation tool to easily reach tasks, with the option to download an offline map with satellite view of the license to work flexibly where no coverage through moving in the desert.

Integration with External Systems

BRAVO easily connect to all the ministry systems, keeping all relative data together in one place to be easily accessible at all times. BRAVO also integrated incidents from external systems to be reflected on our solution allowing involved parties to take the right action on the right time.

Accurate Reports & KPIs Dashboard

With the all-in-one reporting platform provided by BRAVO, everything is now a way clearer, organized where decisions are taken on the right time.

It’s your turn to transform your field work with BRAVO.