Learn How Bravo Helped Ministry of Transport in KSA Reach Their Objectives

The main objective of the ministry of transport in Saudi Arabia is the safety of its citizens. They needed a complete view to monitor all different aspects of transportation such as roads, railways and ports. The ministry wanted to improve the safety in the transportation sector by reducing roads and railway fatalities. This could be achieved by inspecting and making sure that the roads are in a good physical condition without any potholes or cracks in the road that might cause the driver to lose control of the car as well as ensuring that drivers are driving according to the rules and regulations. 

This is where bravo comes in! Bravo helped solve many challenges that were facing the ministry of transportation in Saudi Arabia which led to a decrease in the fatalities of the roads and hence improved safety. Because hitting the road day and night 24/7, while accidents are happening everywhere, it is almost impossible to manually control the reporting processes. Also, human error plays a great role in losing data and in providing missing information. Hence an integrated solution system is needed to report these incidents.

BRAVO’s team, along with the Ministry, worked on implementing a unique incidence reporting tool that was used all over different KSA districts. BRAVO proved its excellence by being the best tool in collecting any road traffic crash data, locating hazardous road sections, identifying risk factors, developing accurate diagnosis and remedial measures, and evaluating the effectiveness of road safety programs.

KSA roads

Bravo’s Advanced features:

  1. Scheduling missions’ orders and dispatching agents 

BRAVO can easily manage tasks automatically using efficient BI tools where decision makers are able to see the workload of every agent on the field, this ensures equality in distribution of tasks and hence results in satisfaction of employees. BRAVO also provides weekly schedules and this way everything is organized and well coordinated.

  1. A guarantee for transparency and efficiency 

the software guarantees transparency and efficiency as there’s a map that shows all the movement of the employees to ensure that all the agents are allocated correctly and are at the right working area. This allows management to easily administer all the working agents.

  1. Job Status updates 

Involved parties are continuously updated with real-time status; helping them being involved in the whole process while taking corrective action at the right time. 

  1. Real-time Reports and KPIs dashboard

Having all inspection results accurate, secured, authenticated and uniform. Facilitated logging and hence building significant reports and dashboard, with a 360-degree view over the whole thing.


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