Learn How Bravo Helped ZATCA Receive Award of Excellence in Smart Electronic Applications

When value-added tax (VAT) and EXCISE tax were first introduced in 2017 in Saudi Arabia, it was a challenge for Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) to detect violations. So, they decided to start a comprehensive inspection campaign to ensure that all entities are properly applying the VAT according to the agreed rules and regulations. ZATCA needed an inspection system to improve the processes of extensive inspection and auditing all over the kingdom service providers. With cooperation of our team, Fahes system was developed and implemented boosting ZATCA towards its objectives, reaching a new standard of digital transformation.

ZATCA Receives Award of Excellence in Smart Electronic Applications in Government Sector

ZATCA Receives Award of Excellence in Smart Electronic Applications in Government Sector

Our Solution

Through our collaboration with domain experts we provided an integrated technological solution for ZATCA where decision makers can assign their teams, monitor their performance and have their inspection results organized to their fingertips, so they know can detect and act over violations easily due to the operation room provided by bravo.

  • Tailoring the business

Bravo designed customized inspection checklists that matches with the new rules and regulations provided by ZATCA which helped in the workflow optimization. Bravo is developed to be a flexible and powerful inspection software that can handle complex inspections. It is now fully transparent for all involved parties to monitor and understand violations, penalties and fines applied over different entities following ZATCA.

  • Inspectors Mobile App

Our field service mobile improves productivity of on-field agents offering them rich features to complete all their work in the field. Bravo doesn’t require an active connection as it can work both in online and offline modes and the technicians can always have access to data.

  • Planning and Scheduling

Bravo fully optimizes on-field agents’ calendars in real time. Task assignment is simplified with the automated dispatching tool, based on technician’s skills, availability, and current location. Our powerful scheduling software reduces cost and time as incoming requests are assigned to qualified technicians near the incident location.

  • Laptop showing bravo's dashboards for ZATCA

    Monitor and Control

To ensure that operations are run smoothly; supervisors can monitor performance and evaluate how well the inspectors are performing as the screen displays all inspectors in the system, their average condition rating, and number of average pass and fail inspection points, Bravo also provides all information required to know about ZATCA teams, their workload and progress.

  • Automatic Vehicle Location

Another advanced feature provided by bravo was the automatic vehicle location which was designed for surveillance operations to easily track and monitor the inspectors’ vehicles. Bravo can report different vehicle information such as location, speed, and stops, to investigators by obtaining data from GPS satellites.

  • Secure Database

Bravo provided ZATCA with a centralized and secure database of all their inspection findings and records, including reports, KPIs as well as who completed inspections and when.

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