Work Order

bravo provides you with exclusive asset management tools that help to
create and manage service requests and work orders.

a robotic hand and a person holding a tablet doing work order management

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

bravo helps you maintain all data required for a whole automated operation that requires managing and monitoring 100% of your work orders efficiently and transparently.

Preventive Maintenance

With bravo, organizations can guarantee longevity for their assets through anticipating potential problems. With our preventive maintenance module, emergency maintenance shall be reduced significantly that will accordingly save time and help in a better team allocation.

an icon showing a calendar for scheduled tasks

Scheduled Asset Maintenance

bravo provides flexibility in scheduling weekly, monthly or yearly maintenance visits. It also provides real-time notifications, and follow up tools, ensuring that all visits are done on the planned time.

SLA-Based Dispatcher

bravo provides a comprehensive SLA-based task dispatcher, supporting both immediate work orders categorized based on criticality as per the SLA agreements.

Real-Time Tracking

To enhance accuracy; bravo provides its users with a complete visibility of the location and online status of on-field teams allowing maintenance management to follow up with their teams transparently.

Easy Integration with any System

bravo can easily connect all your systems, keeping relative data together in one place that can be easily accessible at all times.

Reports & KPIs Dashboards

bravo can help turn data into meaningful insights for better decision making. With our customizable reports and dashboards you will be able to access up-to-the-minute views of all important KPIs, statuses and audit results.

Join us in a unique experience tailored to specifically meet your business needs.